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    Spray Tanning Rewards

    Keep your tan topped up no matter the season. To reward our regular clients we are pleased to offer the following deals:


    Receive your 10th spray tan for free


    • half-body-mens

      Full Body Spray Tanning

      Great natural results across a wide range of skin shades and tones, making it perfect for all men – whether your skin is fair medium or dark. There’s no “orange” colour development, and the odour inhibitors control after-tan odour.

      With proper maintenance you can expect 5-7 days of great looking tan, and an even colour fade ensures complete customer satisfaction.

      Our full body spray tanning service provides beautiful tan results – anywhere from top to toe.

      • $6030 minutes
    • full-body-mens

      Half-Body Spray Tanning

      A beautiful instant bronze effect with a smooth transition to a natural looking tan. Fast drying, non-sticky, streak-free formulas which also assist with the reduction of wrinkles, and the highly-concentrated antioxidant blends combat day-to-day skin damage. Think of it as a tan coupled with a treat for your skin!

      For your half-body spray tanning service – choose from the waist up, or the waist down.

      • $4030 minutes